One conclusion I have come to after the weekend since the securocrats, like the copyright monopolists seem to never give up is that we need to equip ourselves properly. I plan to train myself to use ixquick’s search engine, and open a jabber account. ixquick do not require a login, and thus can’t tie an IP address to an identity and they do not log what is done. They are planning a secure mail service. They are a Dutch company, with a US subsidiary. I wonder where the computers are? Is this over the top, or will Firefox private windows be enough?

It seems that all my chat channels are monitored by the NSA, and so I propose to use  Jabber which will mean I can encrypt my chat sessions using Off the Record (OTR) and it won’t matter where the computers are.  I should have done this already, as soon as google announced their attempted enclosure of Google Talk and the abandonment of XMPP.  I also need to consider if I should get off Google Calendar and Android.

I am installing Ghostery in all my browsers and shall move back to Firefox from Chrome. The next step is TOR.

I am not sure I need a VPN yet, but this is what Torrentfreak said about logs and disclosure last time they reviewed it.

I shall also be offering my services to the ORG Hack Days and play my bit in helping us all to keep our Privacy.

Stable doors and missing horses, tightening up on personal I.T. security
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