Clarity needed?

I made an FOI request to the BBC; they have asked for clarification. I am not sure what to say. Here is my request.

I would like to request the following information.

1. For each of the last five years, for the 10 largest currencies, your earnings and expense of foreign exchange.

2. For each of the last five years, the value of business conducted and the identity of the five largest foreign suppliers broken down into intellectual property purchase and sale, network service provision and other items

Is this unclear? Can you help me make it more so?  …

Positive balance

The BBC are very proud of their contribution to the balance of payments through the licensing of their content. I decided today to see if they do, in fact, contribute once the rights payments to 3rd party companies is taken into account. I have asked the DDCMS but the BBC is subject to FOI questions. I need to think about how I phrase the question, but Heather Brook’s book, should help, if I can find it. …

Not exactly tanks on the lawn

Not exactly tanks on the lawn

The BBC, in response to the Government created funding crisis have decided to terminate BBC3 as a broadcast service. Since they seem to plan to keep releasing the programs via iplayer, I am not sure how it’ll save money. They will also have annoyed powerful enemies with friends in government by their plans to maintain BBC3 as an online, i.e. iplayer service. The Guardian in their review of the announcement look at the economics and repeat the market research that many of BBC3’s fans  and consumers are online anyway. Let’s hope this is a deliberate strategy to meet the government’s cost reduction targets while defending their news reporting and establishing a right to publish digitally and on-line, since the latter policies are contentious within the politics of media regulation.  …

A pointless audience

PointlessI just love Pointless, the BBC Quiz show, where contestants have to show they know more than an audience by answering questions, obscurely, to obtain low scores. The final question requires that the contestants find an answer which none of the audience has mentioned. The hosts, Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman do their best to make the contestants welcome,  it’s a really gentle atmosphere, teams get two chances to play so if they’re very unlucky with the questions they don’t feel badly treated, the prizes are typically British quiz show,  …

Panorama and the DE Bill

So, just seen the Panorama article,”Are the Net Police coming for you?”. Interesting! Only Billy Bragg has it right.

Capitalism is killing music.

It’s like confiscating your record players and complaining you aren’t buying music

Music is thriving, it’s the record industry that’s dying on its feet.

The Panorama URL is a BBC iplayer address and so may become unavailable 7 days after its publication. He didn’t say Capitalism is killing music in the show, he said it elsewhere. …