HRMS, a distressed purchase?

I was provoked by this on Hackernoon, and wrote a little piece on HRMS systems. I have just come back from a Trade Union course on Employment Law and wonder whether the US based systems built for Silicon Valley behemoths are suitable for UK based SMEs. I reference the Gartner MQ which seems to have come on in the last two years; google it, you can get to see it from one of the companies in the top right quadrant but I like their functional breakdown.

I state that a “person” data model is key and finish with the following quote,

HR functions need to define their mission statement, somewhere between “stop the staff suing us”, and “delivering a self-actualising company”; only then can the needs of the software be defined and developed, bought or rented.


Banks Eh?

Banks Eh?

Have you got outraged over FATCA yet? Over the last quarter, I have received several pieces of correspondence from different banks asking me to certify that I have no income that the US Government might be interested in. It goes to show just how poor, the Banks’ whole person/customer knowledge is. …

The customer is, and shall be king

I have posted an article on my linkedin blog, which looks at the future of banking technology particularly as it applies to their technical debt in the data centre. It argues that customer intimacy is key. I say,

So the incumbent players have to re-modernise their systems, build fit for purpose customer relationship management systems i.e. KYC and cope with the business disruption that new software driven competitors are developing, on top of which margins in retail financial services are very low.


Have the US killed their cloud business?

As the proof that Governments are spying on social media users is found, we should all take measures to make it hard. I am sure that they’ll try and outlaw encryption next, but they might have a problem with that since it’ll kill e-commerce. Talking of killing e-commerce, a number of commentators, including David Kirkpatrick posting at linkedin are asking if this will cause Europeans and their Governments to withdraw from the US cloud providers.

The Swedish Government, for instance have already decided to abandon Google’s web services. …