Mrs Windsor goes to Downing Street.

The Queen attended the Cabinet earlier this week. Basically this as an attempt by this tarnished and cruel Tory-led government to acquire some of the Queen’s current popularity. You’d think they’ve learned since the Jubilee and Olympics failed to help them. Actually, it’s a disgrace and a demonstration of a massive ignorance of the history of democracy in this country. One can only assume that this Government doesn’t care. …

Data Centre Economies of Scale


At the Waters:Power09, last week, Bob Giffords argued there are three ‘gravitational’ forces leading to the mega data centres and cloud computing.

  • There’s too much data to move, it needs to stay where its created.
  • Intra system & total latency is still a problem, and hence systems are best co-located with the data.
  • He argues that energy management is a gravitational issue.