The Queen attended the Cabinet earlier this week. Basically this as an attempt by this tarnished and cruel Tory-led government to acquire some of the Queen’s current popularity. You’d think they’ve learned since the Jubilee and Olympics failed to help them. Actually, it’s a disgrace and a demonstration of a massive ignorance of the history of democracy in this country. One can only assume that this Government doesn’t care.


When I say that this Government doesn’t care, its more likely that they are preparing the country for the idea that not only should the House of Lords remain an unreformed bastion of the privilege of wealth but that Royal powers are better exercised by a ‘neutral’ authority, but only if that ‘netural’ authority is rich and right wing. When it is said, with increasing frequency, that some government powers are too important for politicians, they mean they think it too important for us. We must hunt the corrupt out of politics, but removing or weakening democratic control is not the answer.  An accountable, elected official is more likely to act in the interests of ordinary people.  The reasons for removing the Monarchy from the exercise of political power is best summed up for me in Shaw’s Arms and the Man, when Bluntschli, a Swiss artilleryman says,

My rank is the highest known in Switzerland: I am a free citizen.

We should all want that!

Inviting the Queen to cabinet is a step in exactly the wrong direction by people who know what they’re doing. There’s a reason it hasn’t been done for over 100 years; we have been on a path to a democratic society and there’s no room for inherited and unaccountable power.  The monarchy entrenches the power of wealth, and juvenilises democratic politics and the power of the people.


I checked the Shaw quote at

Mrs Windsor goes to Downing Street.
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