And on to CEC, opened by Hal & Jim. In Hal’s speech, he referred to some research undertaken by Brenda Laurel about how teenagers consume technology, my take away point is that they love their phones, my personal experience is that they don’t use e-mail. He illustrates how kids are consuming technology as a service (albeit transactional service) and that they perceive companies and offering differently. Apple is a design company, not an engineering one. This service orientated computing needs to occur, but the consumers thinks technology is cool, and they’ll be the only buyers years in 20 years time. Again my experience is that having held out for many years, I’ve just bought Sky, internet broad band and a web site (including disk rental).

Brenda’s original research was about Girls & Games – go on check it out


Originally posted on my Sun now Oracle blog, and republished here in Feb 2016.

Technology as a service tomorrow
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  • 10th February 2016 at 9:17 am

    Don’t think this one aged well. Was I really saying that technology would become a consumer purchase? I think this is one of the influences of my observation that kids hit the internet at some point in time, and most do not innovate their use, so email users remain email users, chat users remain chat users and social network users only evolve their use slowly.

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