Delicious, the social bookmark site was taken over by during the week. They have rapidly refreshed the javascripts used for storing one’s bookmarks directly from the browser and are communicating with their new users via their beta blog. There remain some problems with the Firefox Addin but the Chrome extension seems pretty solid now. 4th Oct 2011

I have saved a few bookmarks  using the Firefox addin, but when I go to my links page,, the most recently displayed link, dates from before the change of control.The AVOSblog article, …Missing Bookmarks… doesn’t seem to apply. The browser instance that made the save’s toolbar reports the saves. I have now re-installed the Yahoo addin, cleared the cache and re-synced the bookmarks on the browser used to make these saves. These ‘saves’ were not visibile, however, ‘saves’ from the home system have been written into the save feed and are visible using the addin widgets but are at the top of the feed.  When using a browser at the delicious site, the display date saved is corrupted and displays HTML visible spaces. This can be seen by filtering on tag=wordpress. 4 Oct 2011

I have replaced the Yahoo add-in for Firefox with the new ‘bookmarklet’, this saves to the same browser’s view of the link list, but doesn’t prompt i.e. autocomplete  tags as I type.

I have followed the instructions in the beta blog article, Firefox Extension Fixed, and cleared the cache. In fact, I reinstalled the addin for good measure on the Dell desktop. Still missing.

The Chrome add-in/extension was also misbehaving, I have uninstalled and re-installed it. It seems to be working fine now. I also bookmarked something from the Mac and Firefox this a.m. using the bookmarklet. I need to test the addin/extension.  3 Oct 2011

My ‘saves’ on the 2nd October were using the bookmarklet, which I have saved  onto the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox on my home Dell desktop. 2 Oct 2011

I am sure you’ll fix it.

The new ‘delicious’, startup pains
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  • 27th June 2017 at 3:22 pm

    This should always have been on the wiki and maybe I should transfer it there. I can’t understand what’s happened to the site; all links are now broken and I have unlinked them. The site works but is silent.

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