Nokia have turned off my e-mail client on my mobile phone without my permission. I have been using a Nokia 5800 Xpress as my personal mobile phone since leaving Sun Microsystems. I got it because it runs S3 and could be used to host Joikuspot which turns the phone into a wifi internet gateway. Over the 21 months I have been using it, my use has varied, to the extent that I also used an HTC Hero for two weeks.

Last week, I refreshed the configuration and used it on holiday; I did not expect to be able to use a computer with much frequency. I used the phone to speak, sms chat, tweet, check my email and facebook and work out which pubs to use and how to get there using the Maps app. I also did a bit of web browsing using both mini-opera and the native browser. I have always liked the Nokia Maps application, I find it easier to use. Also I was a Plazes adopter and can see that the place sharing feature came from there and now works on multiple social networks, although sadly it seems not Plazes. I suspect that the breadth and depth of its location facts is more limited than Google and is probably based on crowd sourced data. Anyway, I thought more highly of the phone at the end of the holiday then at the beginning.

Over the weekend I upgraded OVI suite on my laptop and this upgrade led to the deletion of my email mailbox and the contents of my sms message history. I am not sure that this is legal. I rang Orange, my network provider who talked me through how to recreate a mail account which now requires the use of unbundled software, the Nokia Messaging email client which was installed last year and which Nokia require an additional recurring payment. It seems this process was provoked by the use of the office wifi, the second time I rang they talked me through checking the ‘Destination’ parameters in order to use the “Orange Internet” access point and the “Create New Account” wizard worked fine.

Using Mail on a Nokia-Orange Phone
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