A bit of political satire, a bit of a travel whinge. I am off to Barcelona to represent Sun at Gartner’s Spring ITexpo in Barcelona. Given Barcelona’s historic role as the centre of the world’s ever largest Anarchist party, I wonder if the presentation “The future of Government is No Government” is knowledgeable irony, or ignorant co-incidence.

I remarked the other day that Terminal One at Heathrow is a much better place for BA having left it, however, they still use it for their Iberia ticket shares (as well as some other European ticket share flights.) So…hoorah, two hours late taking off, one hour late landing, hmm… don’t tell me the airlines over estimate their journey times to allow them some leeway on the compulsory compensations they need to pay. We were told that the replacement co-pilot had been delayed arriving at the plane because there weren’t enough buses.

Meanwhile in Barcelona, despite the long walk to pick up my baggage, I was off the airport estate in 25 minutes, and checked into the hotel 15 minutes later.


Originally posted on my sun.oracle blog, reposted here in July 2016.

We’re all off to sunny Spain!
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