There are 14 CLPD model motions. The topic matter covers Macro Economics (inc. Brexit), Climate Change, Social Policy, Immigration & teh Surveillance State and Foreign Affairs and Defence. I have made a link to the CLPD’s version of the full text, and I have made summaries of them and added a few personal comments below/overleaf. From these comments I have made a little video.

If you prefer a text version, here it is.

  1. Brexit where they call on Labour to support the six tests, vote against any agreement that fails to meet them and consider how to pursue that goal in the light of circumstances at the time; it does not call for a 2nd referendum, although it doesn’t actually oppose it.
  2. A motion on Austerity, which it condemns and calls on Labour to continue to oppose it.
  3. A motion on the NHS which opposes the continued creeping privatization of the NHS and commits Labour to campaigning with staff and their Unions, patients and communities to oppose it.
  4. A motion to build more homes, which sadly does not talk about the local authority borrowing cap, but it calls for the ring fencing of public land for home building, the creation/extensions of a national housing grant of £50bn. and the establishment of a Land Value Tax.
  5. A motion calling for a Shadow Defence Diversification agency; policy is moving towards having one as part of the next Labour Government’s industrial policy, this motion calls on Labour working with the TUC to establish such a body now.
  6. A motion to stop & scrap universal credit, however check out this motion.
  7. A motion to step up campaign against schools academisation and restore local democratic control i.e. abolish the academy trusts.
  8. A motion to end the Hostile Environment and repeal the 2014 Immigration Act.
  9. A motion ending unfair evictions and to abolish Section 21 of 1988 Housing Act.
  10. A motion to adopt an ethical foreign policy and prohibit arms sales to countries involved in human rights abuse.
  11. A motion calling on the next Labour Government to introduce a Land Value Tax
  12. A motion reaffirming support for re-nationalisation of the railways, and opposition to driver only trains.  (I wonder if this is contemporary).
  13. A motion calling for investigatory powers to be made conformant with human rights law.
  14. A motion calling on radical action to ensure the UK participates action to reduce climate change, includes the nationalisation of the top 6 energy providers, rail and bus companies, a move to electric vehicles and opposition/prohibition of fracking.

I am a member of the CLPD Executive Committee; these pen pictures are personal. I wrote motion 13. I think 14 is fab, I hope it gets to conference and the suggestion to look at my local comrade’s motion on welfare is also personal. Obviously, only eight topics can be debated at Conference.

I have set up a surl for the motion text:

What CLPD wants debated at Conference
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