Ann Black reports on the September, pre-conference National Executive Committee at Left Futures. These are clearly hard things to write since getting a balance between hope for the future and a description of what’s happening can be hard. I felt the need to comment. on the running of the election where the point needs to be made that barely legal is not good enough. The coming exclusion of registered supporters is a mistake, and the party has changed; most MPs mandate to speak for the Labour Party has expired as has the utility of the National Policy Forum.

In the comment, I say,

Registered supporters must be treasured. Giving them the vote on all issues is a mistake, excluding them from the policy making process and conversations is equally also a mistake. Stating that the registered supporter was a transactional relationship and they should no longer participate in Labour’s movement is a continuation of the fortunately wrong-headed cynicism of their invention. These are people that want to talk to us. We should listen.

Many will of course now be joining and at least Ann publishes a report where anyone can comment.

I also know that many new members first question is about the democracy of the Labour Party and how to be heard.


The cat’s out of the bag.

What do with the registered supporters?
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One thought on “What do with the registered supporters?

  • 27th September 2015 at 9:10 am

    The BBC are reporting that the NPF is to be reformed out of existence and that registered supporters are to have a role in policy making, together with full members. Good if true! Hope it’s a better process than “Your Britain”, which was open to everyone, but basically a bit bucket.

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