labourSo we have a new government, I have been fearing a repeat of 1979, but I think some important things are different. I was taken with this article at Though Cowards Flinch and quoted at Socialist Unity and Lenin’s Tomb in an article called Labourism and the working class, which together with some of the results suggests to me that Labour may have found its heart (or stomach, if you prefer). They suggest found its soul, I think that’s a bit optimistic. Although the Liberal Democrats decision to join the Tory led coalition will not be forgotten by those who expected something different. Labour now needs to turn its back on neo-liberalism and find a way of posing a social democratic vision against those of the CONservative/Liberal DEMocrat coalition. It may even have found the confidence to find its way to truly oppose this government.

I may of course be badly let down by the Labour Party’s leadership election, I can’t see anyone that wants to take us there throwing their hat into the ring. The real problem is that Blair gutted the Labour Party’s internal democracy, so while they’re all busy thanking the foot soldiers or a magnificant campaign I am unsure if they know how to listen to us in the next few months.

I look forward to meeting and making new friends; I am one of those that came home to Labour last week.

What happens next?
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