In this blog, Hopi Sen, allegedly a Labour Party member argues to fight Corbyn and the party until the day of the election and to resign from it for the election so as not to breach the rule prohibiting campaigning against it. This could only be suggested by one of the majority of LP members who only read the rules they want, or more accurately only quote the rules they like.

Firstly, if you resign, good luck in getting the timing right and when you rejoin, there is an 8 week probationary period during which time your local party can reject your membership application and supporting a party other than Labour is a good enough reason for doing so. Over the summer, documented anti-party behaviour going back 18 months was deemed evidence for rejection and some argue that the time period should be seven years!¬† Also he’ll be excluded from trigger ballots and candidate selections for another 6 months.

We should all consider that part of being in a Party is the agreement to work with others. Hopi Sen is proposing a cynical power play which amounts to an abuse of the trust others invest in him. Clause IV, the Party’s aims and goals rule, requires “common endeavour”; what he proposes is not that!

Working with others
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