AEIP is running its election for its national committee. I am standing again, I hope to continue the work I have been doing in ensuring that the truth about Brexit is known. This is what I said on their candidate statement pamphlet. What i said last year is still relevant. Please vote for me if a member, the ballot links are in your mailbox.

  • I have the campaigning and professional experience to help it become what it needs to be.
  • I am a Londoner and Labour Party member.
  • I have expertise in macroeconomics, cyber security and industrial innovation.
  • I have led the NC’s input to the Conference on the Future of Europe. I am ensuring our priorities of equal citizenship and freedom of movement is prioritised and improved.
  • We need to put Brexit’s failure on the Parliamentary Agenda and to build mass popular support; AEIP is the best instrument for doing that.
  • The EU is a lifelong commitment to me.
  • I believe that the EU is a project for peace, it’s been too often forgotten.
  • AEIP needs to continue to campaign for a better Britain.

To get a view at length of what I said and think, see

Again I want your support.
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