I have spent the afternoon trying to work out if 1and1 can host the services currently running on the Qube. I suspect that ssh andcron are enough for the planet and dyndns, but I might need a full virtual server with root authority for snipsnap, although .htaccess might be sufficient for the port redirect. Unfortunately they want to charge me £15 p.m. for this package, a 100% increase. Basically this is a vanity site, and while I am pretty vain I find this a bit steep, does anyone know of any other web hosting services that might do what I want for less?


Snipsnap needed Java 5, which without root seemed too hard to install, since the 1and1 hosts all had Java 6. It’s a shame I didn’t start doing the migration at this point, but basically the site was a wiki, using the dated blog articles as a feed based dated index.

Any ideas for hosting?
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