I had a swift meeting with Juan Jose of Telefonica which while we had some important stuff to share, he just had to show me Cool Iris.


This is a browser optimised for image and video content. The screen shot above is a view of my flickr photostream. The one below, shows a selection which has been enlarged and has some ‘go to’ buttons, which takes you to the web page holding the picture, which is more useful if you use their pre-canned queries; we all know what a flickr page looks like, but if using it to browse a news stream, it can act as a very rapid filter.


It has a search engine interface which allows you to fire queries at the usual suspects, the picture below shows the response to a query on flickr for the tags ‘beach sunset’



Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, reposted in July 2015, with the pictures although cool iris has now gone despite a period as an IOS app.

Cool Iris
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