The real reason for meeting with the Telefonica representative was to gain some familiarity with the NESSI project they lead, called EZWeb. This is hosted on the Morfeo Project site, and these projects have significant support from the Spanish Government. EZ Web has an English language installation & documentation page and for Ubuntu there is an apt script, documented on the web. I am just booting my Virtual Box Ubuntu VM to see if it works. It requires Postgres or MySQL, Python and Django, documented on its other operating systems page, I’ll may check this out and see how hard it is to install on my Open Solaris VM, or I may bring up another Nevada VM. Juan Jose demonstrated the ease of use of the mashup tool, and it’d be cool to have a go.

I have EZweb, running inside an Ubuntu 8 VM on my windows Laptop.



Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, and reposted here in July 2015.

EZweb fast new dynamic mashups
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