I started to ‘follow’ Julian Huppert MP, the LibDem MP for Cambridge on Twitter. He was introduced to me by Tom Watson MP, at Orgcon 2010 as a new champion of digital freedom and free speech. I have been following him for a couple of days and while I recognise I need help, because the Labour Party is pretty poor on the subject, in the campaign for digital freedom  and to fight alienation in 21st century information economy, Julian, unlike Tommy, John Grogan and Dianne Abbot, all Labour MPs who opposed the DE Act,  seems to put his party before the cause.

The fulcrum of LibDem campaigning around the Digital Economy Act is to reverse the shit that their peers introduced. Even the Government has given upon the web blocking powers of the DE Act; the newsbin2 case proved that the new powers are unnecessary. True parliamentary heroes (or heroines) to a cause campaign against their party and are joined by people of good will. If all you do is aim low, but higher than others and demand that others follow, then that is sectarianism, if you only measure yourself by the purity of your position, rather than concrete achievement, then you’re posturing. It’s clear that the LibDem front bench, despite  Clegg’s unequivocal promise to repeal all of the DE Act have no  intention of repealing the ‘three strikes’ clauses.

So Julian, who’s side are you on?

(Oh yeah, Isobel Fox, and you, how do we progress the campaign for digital freedom, coz it looks to me that it ain’t by voting LibDem, even for the heros & heroines; you have no record of fighting your party, and even less of winning!)

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