I had a couple of requests to look at the Labour bureaucracy’s refusal to allow equality branches access to the membership lists leaving old men to convene meetings of the women’s branch and young labour. This borrows significantly from the current rules in Appendix 2 and it would be hard for the NEC to argue it was poorly written or badly motivated.Too late now, but here it is …

Proper access to membership lists

Insert New C2.III.6 The NEC shall issue procedural guidelines on issues relating to access to the membership system or systems from time to time.  These guidelines will ensure that the following members/member roles have access to the membership list,

A. For CLP’s: Vice Chair/Membership and CLP Secretary, or other designated CLP officers

B. For Branches: Secretary or other designated branch officer; this is to include Women’s Branch & Young Labour secretaries.

C. For LGC’s: Secretary or other designated LGC officer, where required for selection purposes or other activities in pursuit of its aims and objects

D. MP’s,, members of devolved bodies, elected mayors, councillors, Labour Group leaders on principal authorities, for the area they represent

E. Members of Party staff appointed by the NEC

Officers of relevant Party Units, elected public officials  and staff appointed by the NEC  shall be provided with access to the membership data or relevant party systems for the purpose of informing members of events, meetings and other activities or business relating to that role. It must not be used for the purpose of campaigning in internal elections, candidate selections, promoting personal opinions or collecting information and data for a third party i.e. through surveys/petitions.

Equality branch autonomy
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