I originally wrote a piece on the toys being developed claiming to value a blog. The various algorithms were pretty primitive and this article talks of two, one of which remains functional one, of which does not. The first was published by a sun blog site called, FlexRex. and so here’s mine.

My blog is worth
How much is your blog worth?


I have removed the links which now fail; this used to use the technorati api to query the technorati ranking, which undervalues a roller blog because technorati treats the long and short names as seperate blogs. However, the html above is not dynamic and so I have done two queries and added the result. The number above is Dane’s view of how much my blog is worth today.  (His link to the backing research is  a bit out of date. Tristian Louis’ research has now been archived.)  An alternative valuation is made at Blogshares, which values the blog at $15,000.


Originally posted at my sun/oracle blog and republished in June 2016.



How much is my blog worth?
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