Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela died this week. Tariq Ali wrote an obituary in the Guardian. I remember him by posting two quotes from him.

I like this quote from Chavez,

 ”I don’t believe in the dogmatic postulates of Marxist revolution. I don’t accept that we are living in a period of proletarian revolutions. All that must be revised. Reality is telling us that every day. Are we aiming in Venezuela today for the abolition of private property or a classless society? I don’t think so. But if I’m told that because of that reality you can’t do anything to help the poor, the people who have made this country rich through their labour – and never forget that some of it was slave labour – then I say: ‘We part company.’ I will never accept that there can be no redistribution of wealth in society.”

I wonder how the author took it, but another thing he said, which we in the UK and Europe can learn from is,

“Our upper classes don’t even like paying taxes. That’s one reason they hate me. We said: ‘You must pay your taxes.'”

We could do worse than learn from that!


Hugo Chavez RIP
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