Boris Johnson, London’s occasional Mayor held one of his mandatory People’s Question Time sessions in Catford, towards the south of the London Borough of Lewisham. The event took place within spitting distance of the Lewisham’s hospital that is losing its Intensive Care Unit, jeopardising the A&E and Maternity Units.

Paul tells the story with a storify page, with the accurate if not particularly catchy title “People’s Question Time in Catford, March 2013”. I think he sums his feelings up with this tweet,

Tim Fenton at zelo-street fills in the colour with an article, “Brand Boris in Catford Car Crash”, and  it’s covered in the New Statesman in an article called Boris Johnson is heckled for almost two hours, they say, among other things,

Boris Johnson faced one of the most hostile audiences of his mayoralty last night at the People’s Question Time in Catford, attacked relentlessly over his role in supporting the closure of Lewisham A&Ehis money-losing cable car, fire station closures, gun and knife crime, the cross-river tram, and his climate “sceptic” Telegraph column.

Sorry I couldn’t make it, sounds like fun.

Boris in Catford
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