On top of the reduction of Housing Benefit, a reform that will cause massive hardship to tenants, many of whom are in full time work, the Government proposes to reduce the benefit even more for those deemed to be over-occupying their property. Left Foot Forward lists 5 things David Cameron doesn’t want you to know about the Bedroom Tax.

The bedroom tax may be the issue that shows the Parliamentary Labour Party has found its heart. The parliamentary opposition has been forceful and united. The issue is train crash for the Condem Coalition  causing yet another Lords defeat, the first votes by LibDems against the Governement whip and another court case seeking judicial review that the law is illegally discriminatory.

This article in the Guardian shows there’s nowhere to go, there arn’t enough small houses for those hit by the tax to move to, even if there was enough liquidity in the houding market.

Note on the Bedroom Tax
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