I have been struggling to get VRDP from Virtual Box working on my home network, of which more maybe later, but I took a break to install one of the greatest games ever on the home machines with the help of my younger son. We finally found a copy of Little Big Adventure that’ll run on modern machines. This is hosted at LBA HQ. It runs native but recommends running under DosBox. So that is what I did…


I now have two programs that run under DosBox and so place my command files in the Windows shortcut as -c arguments. For more see my wiki articles DosBox and Lba & dosbox. The downloaded archive contains a .iso but I have not worked out how to fool DosBox into thinking the .iso is a CD, but its probably possible so one wouldn’t need the CD to be loaded into the cd reader, but unless you sort this out, you’ll need to burn a CD.

Long time readers may remember that I put LBA2 on the machine a while ago.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, republished with the screen shot pictures in July 2016.

Little Big Adventure
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