It still surprises me, just how blatant the lies the Tories tell are. They have posted a tweet, boasting of the UK’s legislative commitment to workers rights by posting four facts and comparing them, favourably of course, with the EU. As Edmund Blackadder once said, “there’s just one problem with this plan … it’s complete bollocks.” The fact is whoever authorised this ad. will have known it’s a lie and just doesn’t care.

This has been rebutted on twitter, and in some well informed blogs including that of Professor Steve Peers who looks at how the European Court has expanded the statutory rights established by the UK Parliament in maternity & employment rights and Paul Cotterill commenting on Sick Pay. where we have the second lowest duration of benefit and lowest replacement rate in the sample, if you follow the thread through we discover that the UK’s rate of maternity pay is low compared with the rest of the sample quoted and initially was restricted in who could claim it. There’s a piece demolishing the holiday entitlement ‘fact’ as well.

One problem with this plan …

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