Is Starmer thought of more highly than Johnson? The short answer, it would seem it “Yes”. I have looked at yougov and re-presented their results here in what I would call graph but more modern usage is as charts. However if he is more highly thought of, why are the Tories ahead in the polls when nearly 100,000 people are dead from the coronavirus.

In both charts, the orange line shows the aggregate scores i.e. (well – bad) and must be read from the right hand axis, sadly i can’t get excel to use a common zero on the y-axis for the first two charts.

Keir Starmer approval rates from Yougov

This isn’t really good for Starmer, albeit better than Corbyn and probably Miliband. We need to ask ourselves, can Labour win if it is not itself leading in the polls?

Boris johhnson approval rates from Yougov

Also not good!

Yougov – Net Approval Rates

I really don’t know how to explain it, I mean there can be little doubt that Starmer wins PMQs, but who watches that. It would be nice, for me, to believe it’s because he threw Labour behind Boris’s shit Brexit deal, but that could be wishful thinking. To help concentrate minds, here’s the party polls, from politico …

United Kingdom — National parliament voting intention from

I have looked at these polls a couple of times over the last few months. , if you want to look back in the most recent, I mark the start and end of the first lockdown and the breaking of Cummings excursion to his family home and Castle Barnard. The Times wrote about this at the back end of last year,

Starmer vs Johnson, approval ratings
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  • 9th February 2021 at 9:21 am

    Let’s note that Boris’s and Starmer’s approval ratings are independent, people could think they’re both great, or both shit, and the gap would be small which is why it’s interesting to look at it as I do in the third chart above, “Yougov net approval ratings”.

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