This article is repost of a the Open Rights Group newsletter. Please look at this, it’s really quite short but I am quite shocked at just how far the government plans to go, prior restraint, ministerial decrees on acceptable content, encryption breaking surveillance, and more. Please use the read more button to see what the Govt is up to and how you might help in stopping the worst of its proposals.

The Online Safety Bill has passed through the House of Commons with the support of all the majority political parties. The bill’s scope is again expanding with new provisions to censor online content that portray small boat crossings in a ‘positive light’. The list of things the bill will censor continues to grow as politicians seek to tackle various social problems by controlling the information we can access online.

Throughout its passage in the Lords, we will continue working with other civil liberties and freedom of expression groups to secure amendments to the bill. Our key concerns are:

❌ Prior restraint censorship with algorithms blocking people from posing content.

💼The executive power the bill grants ministers creates a censorship machine that will define online harms and seek to control online content.

🕵🏻‍♂️ The ‘spy clause’ introduces scanning of our private encrypted messages on chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Signal.

🔞Strengthening age-gating the internet with ID age checks and new forms of biometric age-based surveillance.

As the bill passes through the Lords, we are asking people to continue to write to their MP (as the bill will come back to Parliament), and also to lobby members of the Lords on the issue. We are also looking to plan an event in London to protest the bill, so watch this space…

They ask you to Lobby your MP and Read their Briefings

Online Safety Bill progresses into the Lords
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