I shall be speaking tomorrow on “Open Source, Free the right price!” and shall be posting my slides here. I have been busy reading up my undergraduate economics to remind me of what I learned then and check that it hasn’t changed. I borrowed Beggs, Fischer and Dornbusch’s “Economics”, since I got rid of my text books years ago and this seems to be the modern equivalent. The presentation covers some theory of the firm, poses community vs. a supply chain, IP Law and its impact on the software supply chain and finishes with some conclusions about free.

I have tidied up the slide show, and published it in .pdf. One final slide, now deleted suggested that I might try and work in the difference between profit maximisation and shareholder value. Free market theorists argue that market action makes them synonymous; I am less convinced. The other issue I considered working in but didn’t is the role of inventories in cost; the software inventory is infinite and virtually free.

Open Source, the price is right
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