A couple of years ago, I found this picture, illustrating the relationships between organs of government in Iran. I we struck by the similarities between it and the UK.

On revisiting it over the last few weeks, I am less enamoured of the similarities. Originally I saw the Queen & Iran’s Supreme Leader as equivalent and the UK’s Premier & the Iranian President as equally the equivalent positions. The Guardian Council is the House of Lords and we should note that the Assembly of Experts is elected.

If you study the diagram and look at the powers appointment of the Supreme Leader, we can see that the British Premier is more powerful as all those appointments are made in the UK on the so-called recommendation of the Prime Minister.

At least the Iranian President is directly elected and the Supreme Leader indirectly so.


I think I might create dot graphs of the two governments.

Power in Iran & the UK
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3 thoughts on “Power in Iran & the UK

  • 5th July 2018 at 10:17 am

    I had been planning this post for several months, maybe years and the similarities interest me, but it can’t be allowed to stand without commenting that the state of civil liberties in the two countries are quite different. The World Bank’s World Government Index shows that for its six categories, Corruption, Government Effectiveness, Rule of Law, “Stability, Violence and Terrorism”, Regulatory Authority and “voice and accountability”, the UK is marked as +ive and Iran as -ive, the UK averages as in the 87th percentile, Iran as in in 23rd percentile. Iran has the death penalty and severe forms of corporal punishment, the UK does not. Amnesty International’s reports on the two states are on the web, and can be seen [ Iran | UK ]

  • 13th July 2018 at 4:56 pm

    It was pointed out at the London “Left against Brexit” rally, by Billy Hayes that the other aspect of the Constitution that we uniquely share with Iran is an unelected upper house, if two instances can be shared.

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