Three weeks ago, London followed by most of the rest of urban Britain kicked off, and a series of riots occurred across the country.

It’s taken me this time  to gather my thoughts and to see if expressing them helps or hinders any healing process. I know that people died, and it’s not acceptable; my sympathies lie with the families of these victims. Secondly  the outcomes of the arson included gutted small business in communities, some people lost their livelyhood, others lost their homes. Again my sympathies lie with the victims of these crimes, because these are the victims and aggrieved.

The speed with the Tories came out with “It’s criminality. Pure and Simple” is not really surprising. But it wrong! It’s the only story that leaves them blame free and makes no requirement on them to change their minds about anything.

This is a cabinet of millionaires, they have no idea about the life of the young and dispossessed. Governments make decisions, the decisions have consequences. I think the Gary Younge article is the closest to my thoughts.

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  • 11th September 2017 at 8:13 am

    This was never finished, and eventually published in Sep 2017. I had notes that suggest I should have commented on supporting the police with head count and particularly more sergeants and that the increased militarisation of the police by authorising the use of rubber bullets and purchase of water cannons was the wrong thing to do. I had a note to comment on the recent implementation of Commissioners, a measure which increases the isolation of Police management from the communities they serve, and to comment on Cameron’s comments on needing to interfere with internet chat services which I oppose obviously.

    Also looking back from 2017, we should note that the Home Secretary was Theresa May, who became Prime Minister and the internet/freedom of speech arguments continue to this day with the security state wanting the powers that the secret police in Iran & Egypt have, with a Government eager to give it to them. I have also commented recently, as have others that the reduction in police numbers, substituted by surveillance technology is ineffective because the police can no longer talk to the communities that are under surveillance. There’s no capability for human intelligence.

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