Labour’s leadership has a slogan not a policy, something about fixing Brexit but Brexit cannot work!

These five reforms are both small steps and address real issues; work, higher education, investment, voting and trade with Ireland. It allows us to talk about some of Brexit’s failures.

i think trade barriers will become more significant, and this manifesto does not address trade except within the context of the Northern Ireland Protocol although this may become more significant over the next few months pushed along by the extraordinary Lorry queues in Dover which will get worse.

I am taking this GMB Congress and have put it on Labours National Policy Forum site where it will be ignored but it would be good if you agreed you could ‘vote it up’ there .

the featured image is taken from the Guardian,, this has been cropped and is stored to allow WordPress to address it, and for reasons for longevity.

Small steps to a better relationship with the EU & its citizens.
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