I have been thinking about Brexit again over the last few days, I issued my personal short term manifesto, and read the British Chamber of Commerce’s puff in the FT. I comment on the one benefit identified so far, Crown logos on pint glasses. Otherwise, here are some notes,

Here are the demands, the first five are mine,

  1. A pan European visa for creative workers
  2. Rejoining Erasmus, the Higher Education exchange
  3. Rejoining Horizon Europe, the R+D programme
  4. A reciprocal common voting system to allow Brits in Europe and EU people in the UK the right to vote
  5. changes to Northern Ireland Protocol that eases intra-UK trade, complies with the Good Friday Agreement and maintains the Common Travel Area.

The BCC demands,

  1. A new veterinary deal to ease bi-directional trade on agricultural goods
  2. A pan European VAT similar to Norway
  3. Rejoin the common quality mark scheme, it seems crowns on glasses aren’t so cool if you make them (I have just checked my pint glasses bought last year have crowns.)
  4. Relax the travel visa rules for business
  5. Relax the rules of origin regime

The BCC have published a trade manifesto

i have posted mine to Labour’s NPF Site.

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  1. We could reduce VAT, something member states cannot do! Even the Tories are considering rejoining the single market.

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