I travelled to Chicago to attend Sun’s “Americas” SE Training Conference. I posted several articles on my sun/oracle blog, covering both the discussions, training and the journey, which I have reposted here as an omnibus article.

The final day is a plenary session. Our guest keynote speaker is Steve Nunn from the Open Group. The Open Group is a standards consortium, who own both TOGAF & UNIX brands. Sun have just upgraded their membership of the Open Group to platinum sponsorship. Interestingly they also have personal accreditation schemes, including IT Architect and Technologist. I wonder how that matches up to the BCS Chartered/Fellow/Member scheme. The Open Group is obviously global, in a way that BCS is not, despite its ambitions. The Open Group will also run accreditation schemes for their member/customers and quote IBM as one of their customers for this service. This could be very interesting. While at the course, I undertook training in TOGAF.

The training was at the Q Center which is an ex-school in its own grounds, I popped out at lunch to take some pictures of the snow laden trees.

Created with flickr slideshow.

On the journey over, I flew with Virgin to Chicago, in order to join my America’s co-workers on an in-house training course. This is the emptiest plane I have ever seen.

A cabin to myself

But I was able to get a picture of the Union Flag decorated wing tips, which I have used as the featured image on this post.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, and edited and reposted here in July 2016

Systems Architecture in Chicago
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