Free Wifi in London

Boris Johnson has promised to wifi enable London , speaking at Google Zeitgeist and proposes using lampposts and bus stops.

Fantastic! Some correspondents are suggesting there might be some DE Act constraints, but we’ll see.

The article above also links to this video,

demonstrating the undoubted subtlety of Boris, his mastery of rules and laws and his approach to international relations.


Slightly amended in 2013, certaintly there was no London wide WIFI by the Olympics last year, and little sign of any progress. DFL 12 Aug 2013 …

A place to lay my head

22:45 CET We pop out for a swift one at Morrison’s Music Pub. I really mustn’t leave the research to others. I did quite enjoy it in the end though. If the Karaoke bar had had “Anarchy in the UK”, I’d have been up there.


20:15 CET I have finally arrived in the Hotel Bristol in Budapest. Nice people, free public Wifi. English speakers had best watch out. Remind me, why do I have to spend £5 an hour to connect to the internet when staying in British and US hotels. Obviously not in San Francisco.

19:15 CET And finally, Budapest, but I have not got any HUFs, but I do have Euros, which I hadn’t realised most people will take, not the best exchange rates but you never do when your buying retail. I speak to the exchange in baggage reclaim and fortunately they make a mistake and only book a small transaction because I had used a credit card; once I get out into the arrivals lounge there is an ATM. Marvelous. I booked myself a seat on the Airport Shuttle Bus while in baggage reclaim, which you can pay in Euros and avoids the need to navigate in Budapest. The public transport options are far cheaper, but need experience and the Taxi’s are not cheap.

16:00 CET Zurich Airport, I arrive and need to depart from the same terminal building, excellent. Priority Pass get me into the Swiss Business Lounge, which was nice very quiet and I got an hour’s free Wifi. (There was no cheese).

13:00 So off to Budapest, making the most of my city living style I have decided to fly via London City Airport, LCY. This means I have to switch flights at Zurich, since I am flying Swiss and there are no direct flights to Budapest from LCY. (Is that a distance/size thing at LCY, or isn’t there the demand? Both Swiss and Lufthansa offer you changes. Do BA actually still use City?) Anyway the AMEX exchange there doesn’t offer HUFs, bad news! The journey to LCY took 45 minutes, also not good, but LCY’s awesome compactness and efficiency means I made the flight on time. I love City Airport. …

Wifi and academic freedom

One of the, some would claim unintended, consequences of the DE Bill debate is the fear that public wifi will become impossible. A number of public sector organisations including many Universities, but also hospitals and public libraries are becoming concerned that their current policy of offering free or cheap unauthenticated access to wifi will open them to suit by rights holders or their agents if their nomadic, or mass user base decide to behave in such a way as to incur the attentions of rights holders or their agents.  The Government are proposing to give these organisations no protection against the provisions of the DE Bill. …

Internet on the move

In which David first comes across Orange’s adult content filters….

I moved into a rented flat last weekend, it was all a bit exciting because our original plan had been to drive to London with our stuff on the Saturday and drive home on Sunday. We wisely decided not to; the journey to the station, normally 20 minutes took two hours because of the snow. Anyway we got there and moved in. Rented accomodation doesn’t include either phone or broadband so I spoke to BT to get the phones in and since they have lead times it meant that I was without a WiFi LAN at home for the week. It hasn’t been that long since we first got broadband at home but its been very noticeable not having it. …

Some good news from BT

Did you know that if you authorise your BT Home Hub as a BT FON server, you get 500 BT Openzone minutes/month and the hub will throttle any external users if you need the bandwidth yourself. 500 minutes is more than I buy for my phone, and my phone can connect to it using WiFi, to extend my internet minutes. That’s a piece of good news, although it was harder than I’d want to find it out. …

Food for Thought

I was invited to Martlesham to visit BT’s innovation Lab; there were some inspiring presentations and technologies on display which at the time of posting this article are a bit dated, since this is another post copied from the sun/oracle blog in March 2016, To see the original on Innovation see here, and on WiFI and Health see here. Other posts on the existential nature of networks, intelligent infrastructure, the analogue/digital interface, bio-feedback systems, and telematics, were posted here.  …

Missing out on Wireless

I visited Bradford the other day and travelled Intercity. I actually used an APEX ticket; it was my money but thats another story. Its the first time, I’d seen wireless internet connections offered on the train, of course it’s Virgin Trains, who want to be in the forefront of in-travel entertainment. – “You might be late but you did some great surfing”. I didn’t use it though …