In which David first comes across Orange’s adult content filters….

I moved into a rented flat last weekend, it was all a bit exciting because our original plan had been to drive to London with our stuff on the Saturday and drive home on Sunday. We wisely decided not to; the journey to the station, normally 20 minutes took two hours because of the snow. Anyway we got there and moved in. Rented accomodation doesn’t include either phone or broadband so I spoke to BT to get the phones in and since they have lead times it meant that I was without a WiFi LAN at home for the week. It hasn’t been that long since we first got broadband at home but its been very noticeable not having it.

I have turned to my mobile phones, mainly my personal mobile phone. I have an Orange contract, a Nokia handset and have downloaded Joikuspot onto it, so can use the Nokia as a wifi/internet gateway. This worked well until I discovered that Orange have a quite aggressive view of adult content. I had left their safeguard on.¬† This hadn’t been a problem mainly because I don’t use the Orange internet access point that much so I hadn’t discovered the alacrity with which Orange declare content to be ‘Adult’. For instance I discovered that a news article on the digital economy bill and the plazes login page are both considered ‘Adult’, although interestingly an article about racism on Millwall FC’s fan forum, with quotes is not. I had not discovered Orange Safeguard’s foibles because like most people who use the phone to browse the web and pay their own bills, I use a wifi lan wherever there is one. I have asked them to remove the safeguard so we’ll see.

The week has also made me consider if I have spent enough time making the phones do what I want. Certainly I shall be downloading some more applications onto the phones so I won’t suffer such withdrawl symptoms again. I shall use my Nokia x5800 page here to plan and record my progress.

Internet on the move
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