It’s been a long time since I updated this page. I tried to travel to Copenhagen last week and couldn’t find a flight. On my return I looked up all destinations and found this page, which lists them all. It seems I could have travelled to Hamburg and then by train, I looked, maybe they were full since BA only do two flights a day and weekdays at that. 24 Oct 2014


What they say about themselves


To my knowledge there are no private lounges

Easier Security

Liquids and Devices need not be removed from bags today, but they do on the way back in the scanning airport.

At LCY, the journey from plane to reclaim carousel is shorter for the baggage than for the people once one has had to queue at passport control. It might be best to check luggage in on the way back. They have rules on batteries, lithium ion batteries must be in the hand luggage, my keyboard and mouse batteries can probably travel in checked in luggage as they are alkaline batteries; I’d best make sure I replace them appropriately.

Getting there

Interestingly Google Maps suggests 53/177 to Woolwich Arsenal, and then DLR to City Airport. (March 2020). And of course National Rail from Deptford to Woolwich Arsenal and onto LCY!

Waterloo Sunset

Otherwise from the Lewisham branch of the DLR is a nuisance, often involving two changes and/or a big wait at Poplar or Canning town or we can use the Dangleway, with two walks, so will depend on luggage.

The unique ground side bureau de change is AMEX, who don’t do HUFs, what do they do? I know they do Euro’s and am pretty certain they do CHFs. Is it based on the destination list?. Maybe next time I need to consider getting my money elsewhere. c 2010  but I should buy from the post office. New rule, don’t buy FX at the Airport or at St. Pancras!

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