I originally wrote this for me, and used it to record stuff I need to plan and visit the city.  It’s still pretty much the same. It might be useful for others. I first stayed there at the end of the summer 2005. We stayed at the art’otel mitte im Mitte and visited the centre of Berlin with a quick trip to the Story of Berlin on the Ku’f’dam, which is worth revisiting. I posted my pictures to a  Berlin set in flickr which is now displayed as a slide show below/overleaf. I returned on business in 2007 and for a citybreak in Jan 2019 and again in March 2019.

Covid 19

Berlin City Government have published CV19 public health rules.


I revised these links in 2019; I deleted those that I might have merely been interested in, inserted the 2019 Hotel and kept two that I might still visit. I have stayed at the art’otel mitte, and Victor’s Residenz. The Google Map has the other’s that I have heard of, or considered.

The map (see below) now has a bunch of hotels placed upon it, in both East & West Berlin, some came from a BA flight magazine, some just from looking for places to go, and/or the Rough Guide, it now included some recommended by Expedia.


All trains, trams and buses are under one price scheme. They have three zones, A,B&C. Day Tickets can be bought for AB or ABC. Schönefeld is in C, I bought a one way ticket for €3.40 on arrival, and another on the way back. The Hotel sold me day tickets,for the other days. It might be best to buy the return at the Schönefeld ticket machines; the buses only take coins. One way tickets need to be used within two hours of validation and you may not double back. Tegel is in Zone B The tube map, …

Getting there

Tegel is now shut and Schönefeld has been incorporated into the new Berlin Brandenburg airport. I need to check what routes are available now. Ryan Air may be shut out of the new airport.

  1. Things to do at Schönefeld , by sleeping airports;
  2. Or Things to do near Schönefeld , by Trip Advisor

Don’t get to Schönfeld too early, it’s boring, but we’ll need to see now it’s Brandenburg.


Homeaway, a flat listing site (2013), and one particular flat complex in Schoenberg

Food & Drink

I am told that next time I should visit Savigny Platz which also has a huge number of restaurants. I found this article on Vegan Food in 2019.

Here is the TV Tower Restaurant Menu and a recommendation for the best donner kebab on Earth

My Map

View Larger Map
I returned in 2019, and here are my pictures

Radical Living

I found via youtube, this person, who has a web site and video channel, both called Radical Living.  Despite this video’s title, alternatives are offered.

Things to do

– Lots left undone!

Things to do again

  • Visit The Story of Berlin exhibition, ends in an atomic bunker, but deals with the History of Berlin from its foundation as the capital of the Duchy of Brandenburg

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  1. This was copied across originally using a version copy from the file system, and then checking against the snipsnap version. The last bliki date was 17th Dec 2008, allegedly.

  2. I added the links on COVID 19 and the impact of public policy on Tourism. I am using firefox and the slideshow ain’t working, do I need a plugin?

  3. I deleted the following comment, “I have travelled via Tegel and Schönefeld, the choice is taken by your carrier, ideally, I depart from LCY which currently is an available route by BA.” Tegel is now shut and Schönefeld has been incorporated into the new Berlin Brandenburg airport. BA are not currently flying from LCY.

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