I originally wrote this for me, and used it to record stuff I need to plan and visit the city.  It’s still pretty much the same. It might be useful for others. I first stayed there at the end of the summer 2005. We stayed at the art’otel mitte im Mitte and visited the centre of Berlin with a quick trip to the Story of Berlin on the Ku’f’dam, which is worth revisiting. I posted my pictures to a  Berlin set in flickr which is now displayed as a slide show below/overleaf. I returned on business in 2007 and for a citybreak in Jan 2019 and again in March 2019.

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Covid 19

It seems Berlin is opening up. 31/5/2020

  1. Berlin’s public life from
  2. Germany plans to re-open it’s borders to EEA+ citizens


I revised these links in 2019; I deleted those that I might have merely been interested in, inserted the 2019 Hotel and kept two that I might still visit. I have stayed at the art’otel mitte, and Victor’s Residenz. The Google Map has the other’s that I have heard of, or considered.

The map (see below) now has a bunch of hotels placed upon it, in both East & West Berlin, some came from a BA flight magazine, some just from looking for places to go, and/or the Rough Guide, it now included some recommended by Expedia.


All trains, trams and buses are under one price scheme. They have three zones, A,B&C. Day Tickets can be bought for AB or ABC. Schönefeld is in C, I bought a one way ticket for €3.40 on arrival, and another on the way back. The Hotel sold me day tickets,for the other days. It might be best to buy the return at the Schönefeld ticket machines; the buses only take coins. One way tickets need to be used within two hours of validation and you may not double back. Tegel is in Zone B The tube map, …

Getting there

I have travelled via Tegel and Schönefeld, the choice is taken by your carrier, ideally, I depart from LCY which currently is an available route by BA.

  1. Things to do at Tegel, by sleeping airports; they recommend a lounge or the view platform.
  2. Things to do near Tegel, by Trip Advisor or not so near!
  3. Things to do at Schönefeld , by sleeping airports;
  4. Or Things to do near Schönefeld , by Trip Advisor


Homeaway, a flat listing site (2013), and one particular flat complex in Schoenberg

Food & Drink

I am told that next time I should visit Savigny Platz which also has a huge number of restaurants. I found this article on Vegan Food in 2019.

TV Tower Restaurant Menu

My Map

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I returned in 2019, and here are my pictures

Created with flickr slideshow.

Things to do

– Lots left undone!

Things to do again

  • Visit The Story of Berlin exhibition, ends in an atomic bunker, but deals with the History of Berlin from its foundation as the capital of the Duchy of Brandenburg

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