At the backend of 2009, I started experiments with WINE on MacOS. I documented my findings at my WINE page on this site. In March 2010, I returned to the project having been advised to use the Macports installation of WINE, instead of building from source. This page documents how I built from source code, and how I installed winetricks. I have moved some of the comments here, from my WINE page, which I now use to capture my experiments with MacPorts & Porticus.

The page was originally written before I had much experience on installing packages from source, so some og it’s a bit basic. The big trick is the linking of the x-windows libraries.

The purpose is to run NWN & NWN2 on the MAC. I have documented my work and findings about this at Wine and NWN on this site.


Building WINE from Source

Build from source, see also which has a pointer to using git.

./configure --verbose --disable-win16

The second parameter is not documented at the WINE wiki. It is now!

Not exactly well documented by me, but I used git to get the code and then made the package. This seems to work, at least the config program runs. The C: drive is held somewhere in ${HOME}/.wine.

I shall test this using ConTEXT.

Context & Freetype

Hmm, first, a shed load of freetype 2 errors, why’s that? however, the good news is that it works. I download context from the web, and run the program.

wine ConTEXTv0_986.exe

it installs, offer you a location based on a file explorer, so you can install into your user file space, the Mac file tree or a new tree called c:\. I chose my user space.

Isn’t google marvelous, google: “install wine freetype” finds this forum article at They recommend linking the free type libraries into /usr/lib.

$ locate libfreetype

shows us that the libraries are in /usr/X11/lib (I am running 10.5 Leopard) and

$ cd /usr/lib
$ sudo ln -s /usr/X11/lib/libfree* .

seems to make the error messages go away and the program looks much better.

I have documented my install on Mac process at this thread on,

X & Graphic Libraries

On the WINE Wiki … MacOSX Building page, it is recommended that setting the environment variable DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH to contain /usr/X11/lib and /usr/lib will ensure that the OpenGL libraries can be found, it also enables the xfree libraries to be found. This is a more comprehensive solution and may pick up other errors in the Mac port.

I have deleted the symlinks, and declared DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH in .bash_login, and tested it works. winefile starts.


This a supplementary script that helps WINE deal with some more abstruse installs.

I did the following, because I couldnt find wget

B$ cd $(whence wine)
B$ sudo bash
# curl > winetricks
# chmod +x
# exit
B$ cd; winetricks --version

So after a macports install of cabextract, we have it installed. Another chance to use winetricks.

Cleaning up

I installed all this manual stuff into /usr/local because my first ‘NIX was BSD. Now I have a macports managed install I need to clean this up. macports installs into /opt

  1. Check up on the cabextract location and check if I have more than one install
  2. Will the make files uninstall?
  3. Probably have to rm the winetricks binary
  4. Check the $HOME/Build directory to see what’s left behind
  5. Do I want to uninstall ‘git’?

The MAC now needs tidying up, too many installs of WINE. Fortunately, I still have the install tree in ~/Builds.

$ configure && make uninstall

do the trick, winetricks does need to be removed seperately. I am hunting down the /Users copy of the c drive, it needs to be removed.

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