This page has been written in four parts. It was originally created in April 2011 and driven by my desire to install WINE. It was significantly added to in Oct 2013 when I upgraded to MacOS X 10.6, Snow Leopard. It was at this point that I transferred from Porticus to Pallet. In Dec 2013, I documented the Macports runes for MacOS 10.9 which, of course, breaks Pallet. I have by now written a script to keep my Macports up to date. In June 2014, I returned to WINE and used Macports to install Wineskin and uninstall WINE. This page was further updated in April 2016 as I moved forward from Yosemite to El Capitan. My Mac is now no more, and I have marked this page as deprecated.


In 2014, I wrote wrote a script called refresh, which updates Macports and then refreshes the binary tree. The script v3 is here on github …, it too is marked as deprecated.


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  1. Always do a sudo port search keyword before running a port install
  2. tee the log somewhere, I use my ~/Builds directory for this purpose, although the refresh script uses /var/logs and logrotate. /opt/local/var/logs after April 2016


In his multi product review, Tony Fischetti speaks of Macports sandboxing, by which he means the use of the /opt/local directories. (I reckon some of the installs I have used supplementary to WINE may be in the /usr folders. I think I installed WINE from Macports after the OSx 10.9 rebuild so it should be the only one left. I need another audit; I need to check the parameters to see if reports on the installs. I should also check if the debian inspired solutions have multiple, extensible repositories.


On checking the man page for port, I discovered that there is a sources.conf file, and checked out the configuration files wiki page here. This implies multiple source files.

MacOS 10.11

We need a new xcode, & macports. Xcode from Apple and Macports from here. Once installed on the disk, one needs to run,

$ xcode -license
$ xcode-select --install

as documented elsewhere on this wiki the logs and .conf files have been erased, and so I decided to reinstall them in /opt/local. Both refresh and need to be adjusted. I have also run a port clean all as it failed on pyth_on 2.7 the first time I got it to run, perhaps I should run the port update by hand for the first time.

MacOS 10.9

What I wrote is now in a comment.

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  1. I originally i.e. with MacOS 10.5 installed Porticus. A free GUI, downloads as a DMG, but no installer. It needs to be copied to a disk file system. I have used ~/Build. Its repair function will then work as it uses sudo to set the superuser sticky bit on its port scanner program. This now seems defunct.

  2. I have decided to make the 10.6 content into a comment, it’s been a while since I wrote it and the content is thus a bit, or very dated. The original paragraph/section title was 10.6 Upgrade.

    The macports upgrade was a bit messy, actually not surprising since the 10.5 to 10.6 is quite old and a lot of the Macports have been upgraded, i.e. the current state repo is much more modern than the build I am trying to install.

    Firstly we need to upgrade the Macports package itself. The .dmg’s are available at,

    In theory, a sudo port selfupdate should work, but I had a mare of a time. Each failure led to me cleaning out the file system and then I ran a ‘clean all’, but it still took a deactivate, clean, probably unnecessary and then an install of the outstanding problem areas i.e. package. I have documented my problem children below in the code snippet; this is not how I did it, I’d run an install and then it’d fail, and so I’d read the log, and experimented with issuing a ‘clean’ command, initially for the failing package. For some reason it seems as if the transition required the re-installation of these packages. The circumstances causing this need also seems to have damaged the dependency chains.

    $ sudo port selfupdate
    $ sudo port clean all
    $ sudo port -f deactivate libiconv zlib wget gmp gnutls
    $ sudo port clean libiconv zlib wget gmp gnutls
    $ sudo port install libiconv zlib wget gmp gnutls
    $ sudo port upgrade outdated
    $ sudo port install Pallet

    I don’t think the Pallet install was required (it wasn’t), this is installed into /Applications/Macports and is found using the search widget or finder. This shows I am really not yet a Mac person as I tried to use ‘locate’ to find it; well, now I know that the locatedb is up and running.

    Maybe I should upload the Pallet man page here. (No it’s gone too!) Let’s check for Bluefish, it’s not what I require, although I love the logos. I removed Porticus, it does not support this version of macports.

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  5. I have retired the comments on 10.9

    ! upgraded to 10.9 in Dec 2013.

    You’d hope that Pallet would work, but no. You’d hope the command line would work but no!

    Here is the Macports Migration page, on my way to failing to get the command line to work, I have re-installed Xcode from the Appstore. At Stackoverflow, they have a page called, “Failed to install command line tools on OSX Mavericks”, which recommends getting the command line tools from Apple’s Developer site,, which is what I have done.

    I am now working through the process proposed at This involves saving the port list, uninstalling, cleaning and then installing the ports you want. One of my port install errors is caused by the need to run the xcodebuild -license despite installing the command line tools via a super user GUI installer.

    Do not ignore their advice on the macports.conf file. I needed to change the universal_archs parameter

    universal_archs     x86_64 i386

    I have not yet run a diff on the current and default, which they recommend.

    This bug report is specific to wine-devel and relates to faulty universal_archs setting

    I return to this in July 2014. I try to install pallet, using macports.

    sudo port install pallet

    This fails with a compilation error, stating that the garbage collector doesn’t work. This is bugged at the Macports wiki, bug no 43581. There is no forecast for a fix. July 2014

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