I decided to go for a drink at the creative unions reception. On my way over, I saw the ‘free cash’ sign. I think it was an advert for an ATM without charges rather than a campaign statement. When choosing a search engine, or curating a social network list it’s important to ensure you don’t only mix with those with whom one agrees. The reception consisted of a mix of speeches and sets. The speeches were by John Smith, Harriet Harman and Tony Burke. Smith, or was it Harman, but my notes say Smith repeated the discredited ‘fact’ that creative industries loose £500m p.a. The DE Bill judicial review examined the numbers provided by the creative industries and points out that research is not agreed, and in some cases suggesting that the negative revenue effects off Piracy is zero. In 2010, the number claimed was £400m. Harman states that Labour is commited to implementing the DE Act; she also needs to get to grips with why it’s not been implemented. It’s not a lack of will by the Tories. The lack of will is with the rights holders now that they have to pay for the court processes. The upside of the meeting was I got a shed load of free drink and had a great conversation with one of the attendees around moral rights and why should people get this work for free. I repeat that one should mix and talk with those with different opinions and while I intend to continue the conversations I started, I suspect that Labour’s copyright shills won’t.

Two sides to the coin
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