I have an “Unlimited” download contract with BT Broadband and I received a Fair Usage policy warning in November. It seems that if their “Unlimited” customers look likely to exceed 100Gb download per calendar month, they receive a warning letter, but if they exceed the limit for two months in a row, they’ll restrict the download speed to 1 Mbps for a further month during peak times. (This is 1/7th of the speed I usually get.)

This seems a bit disproportionate to me since online games, and streaming content from the TV companies replayer sites become unusable. What do the think a residential site uses broadband for? Anyway, I rang them to discuss this, and have posted my notes at a new page called BT Broadband, which discusses the fairness, transparancy and management measures. It also has a link to Ofcom’s site. (Further thoughts and notes are held on the BT Home Hub page. )

Un-Unlimited BT Internet
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