My Stories from Storify

  1. This will not end well
  2. Brexit goes to Parliament.html
  3. Big Data and the populist right.html
  4. Big time pocket vulnerabilities.html
  5. The Death Agony of Social Democracy.html
  6. Oops.html
  7. The Mash on Brexit.html
  8. Bigdata, big money and democracy.html
  9. Wannacrypt.html
  10. More that unites us.html
  11. On Immigration.html
  12. Get Well Soon.html
  13. Corbynomics Again.html
  14. Social Media and the General Election.html
  15. No safe space.html
  16. Queen's Speech & Digital Liberty.html
  17. Corbyn & Digital Politics.html
  18. Really, a better privacy law_.html
  19. Tidemill Gardens.html
  20. The Crisis in Catalonia.html
  21. Follow (Leave EU's) money.html
  22. Labour and Rent Controls.html
  23. The end of the road from Falkirk.html
  24. Mega City.html
  25. Election day in Deptford (with images, tweets) %B7 DaveLevy %B7 Storify.html
  26. Labour's London Conference.html
  27. No more secrets for you.html
  28. Europe's winding road to Copyright Reform.html
  29. Lewisham Labour, defending services and democracy..html
  30. Digital Question Time.html
  31. Vicky Foxcroft_Labour for Deptford.html
  32. What the wealthy want.html
  33. We're all in this together!.html
  34. Strength and Weakness in leadership.html
  35. Labour's Manifesto.html
  36. Ed does foreign.html
  37. Hustings in Deptford.html
  38. Bye Bye_.html
  39. An absence of politics.html
  40. About shadow chancellors.html
  41. The next evolution of Capitalism.html
  42. Entryism.html
  43. It's still the economy stupid.html
  44. Labour's Leadership Economics Part Deux.html
  45. An insight into the Sharing Economy.html
  46. Will they accept the mandate_.html
  47. Hard cases make bad law.html
  48. Software safe for all.html
  49. The best advice available.html
  50. Don't bomb Syria.html
  51. For those who don't study history.html
  52. He's not the messiah, he's a very.....html
  53. A stitch (up) in time.....html
  54. Beyond Factionalism, although not today.html
  55. Liberty can't exist in the dark..html
  56. More on the future of capitalism.html
  57. Racism in culture and politics.html
  58. It's not just Google.html
  59. About Boris & Probity.html
  60. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Economics.html
  61. Labour & Anti-semitism. Not!.html
  62. Has the earth moved_.html
  63. The rule of law.html
  64. Referendum Reprise.html
  65. Labour's Leadership Lost.html
  66. Trot Hunting.html
  67. Taking into account time served.html
  68. Snooping may not be legal.html
  69. Where do UKIP's votes come from_.html