Another afternoon in Faerun, this time wth my Druid who’s reached the ancient city of Undrentide. I really am unsure about Druids. They ought to be really buff, but I am having some difficulty with this one. He certainly is no match for the Golems in the City so I was going to have to get the Butler’s ring. Even this wasn’t that easy. However once I set Dorna up to help me open doors when I can’t, we got into the Butler’s chambers having run past the two Golems with enough time to talk to the Butler and retreive the ring  before the Golems turned up to spoil the party. They were easy enough to deal with then.

My Druid is a Druid/Shifter/Barbarian (7,1,1). There seem to be insufficient buffing spells, the polymorphed bears aren’t magical, or strong enough to hurt anything I meet and have a poor armour class. My animal companion, a bear, is a coward and the wyrmlings do very little damage per attack. I do now have 4th Level spells including Call Lightening, always good and Flame Strike.

I did however, charm the Sphinx so the last fight in the interlude was fun. (I wonder how it would have gone without the Sphinx with this insubstantial character.) Perhaps he’s best as a multi-player party member, or maybe I just need to get better at playing a Druid.

I have also tidied up my NWN Walkthrough and NWN Playing a Wizard pages. Last month, my first wizard to run through, well anything, but in this case the original Neverwinter Nights game came to the Gates of Luskan, the Tomb of the Arcane Brotherhood and its guardian, Brother Toras. I have now fought him as a Paladin, Barbarian and now a Wizard. None of these are easy, its a tough fight but I am pleased to say I am now in Luskan having destroyed Brother Toras a third time. It took a number of tries but to see how, check out the NWN Playing a Wizard.

An afternoon in Faerun
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