I am taking a Druid through Shadows of Udrentide. There’s a couple of class specific quests which are quite nice. I have reached the Asabi Camp as a Druid/Barbarian/Shifter (7,1,1) and am having some difficulty. I notice that Ashtara has very few Druid’s scrolls and not that many heals or even cure critical. Actually he has them, its just I have no Gold and they’re expensive. In this page, I discuss the difficulty I find with the Druid, the weakness of the companion &the importance of the starting WIS. This page points at a number of URLs that may no longer be there.

I originally wrote a blog on the front page of the snipsnap bliki, which among other things says,

Another afternoon in Faerun, this time with my Druid who’s reached the ancient city of Undrentide. I really am unsure about Druids. They ought to be really buff, but I am having some difficulty with this one. He certainly is no match for the Golems in the City so I was going to have to get the Butler’s ring. Even this wasn’t that easy. However once I set Dorna up to help me open doors when I can’t, we got into the Butler’s chambers having run past the two Golems with enough time to talk to the Butler and retreive the ring before the Golems turned up to spoil the party. They were easy enough to deal with then. My Druid is a Druid/Shifter/Barbarian (7,1,1). There seem to be insufficient buffing spells, the polymorphed bears aren’t magical, or strong enough to hurt anything I meet and have a poor armour class. My animal companion, a bear, is a coward and the wyrmlings do very little damage per attack. I do now have 4th Level spells including Call Lightening, always good and Flame Strike.

I did however, charm the Sphinx so the last fight in the interlude was fun. (I wonder how it would have gone without the Sphinx with this insubstantial character.) Perhaps he’s best as a multi-player party member, or maybe I just need to get better at playing a Druid. …….

It seems that for the difficult fights use I should use Dorna’s buffing, have another go with the bears/panther against creatures other than golems and bosses. Does polymorphing give you healing, also need to try blood frenzy with armour protection and ghostly visage and I now have a ring of protection +5.

Hmm. Interesting. The bear was useless against spiders, but blood frenzy looks useful. Quillfire killed one of the Golems. Perhaps next time I meet spiders, I should try Animal Empathy on them. I must equip him appropriately, it’s much less forgiving than anything previously played. So if fighting spiders, use the cloak and amultet of health, if I need to use missile weapons, put on the bracers of dexterity. Don’t forget the Helmet’s magic. 6th Sept 2009

The NWN Wiki has a page on Wild Shape. Armour bonus is carried through but not other magic bonus, so shape shift before Dorna’s buffs?

A player called |Absolution| started a thread called A good Druid for playing OC. This suggests that my WIS is too low. I may have compromised this to allow the secondary attribute for a shifter. Tybae recommends Extend, Empower, Still, Dodge, Mobility, Focus:Conj, but this was for a different mix. I don’t see where I get the conjurer’s spells. I wasn’t aware that meta magic worked on divine spells.

Another thread called Familiar help plz, reminded me to review the Animal Companion interface, and the level of agression and bravery can be set. So I hope I can fix my companion bear’s morale problem.

I wonder if I took the wrong henchman for this run? How would Xanos have done?

What’s a 9th level druid get, should I stop there and then progress as a shifter? What am I going to do with the Barb. level? I will get 10% XP loss once shifter level becomes four.

  • 9th Level Druid gets 1 fifth level spell and 1 second level spell, at 10th +1 5th and 4th level spell.

What’s the WIS score? What spell bonuses do I get? WIS = 14 which yields one extra 1st & 2nd class spell, it takes 16 to get a 3rd level spell. Check out the amulets.

Its important to get the polymorphing & animals to work. Its one of the points of this run. I was considering taking this guy into Hordes of the Underdark.

maybe I should write some custom macros, if possible. Such as, become archer, all buffs or prepare to fight spiders i.e. Amulet of Health and Spider Cloak.


I tried turning into a Bear to fight some spiders in the Asabi Camp in Udrentide. Not good! They hit too easily and I found it hard to hit them. I obviously need to do something different.


This article contains broken Bioware links and xref’s a blog article, given that I copied most of the interesting content from this article into the blog, I have not copied the blog accross yet. It was put into a blog to force the content into the RSS stream. This doesn’t need to be done twice. This article was copied accross to this wiki in Juky 2013. The blog link needs to be repaired or not when the blog is copied accross.

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