While trying to install Redland RDF on my Centos 5.3 VM, I decided to create a local yum repo and use yum. This page holds my notes.

There’s a couple of pages on the internet describing how to make a local repository for the full distro and this advice seems to work.

I am not sure how well this is working, when I finally got a fully resolved install, it was asking me for gpgcheck despite having this turned off on the repo definition file. Perhaps it kows of some of the packages from one of the installed and remote repos. Some behaviour is odd but it could be caused by my test case, the Redland RDF package.

How to

Firstly, you need the createrepo package, and decide where your repos will sit.

# yum install createrepo
# mkdir /var/local/repos.d/rdf
# cd $_
# for rpm in ${RPM_LIST}
> do; wget $rpm
> done
# createrepos .

I then created a file in the /etc/repos.d directory.

name=Redland RDF

NB There is only one word permitted between the square brackets, and it is three /s. yum now finds the repositories & rpms as expected.


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