Raspian & APT

This snip was originally created to document the arse-ache I had building my second Pi; it documented problems with Jesse & Stretch. The current release is buster and so much of this content is deprecated. In April 2020, I had reason to explore the code I use to maintain the currency of the apt cache. I have moved deprecated content to the comments and updated this post. For more, see below/overleaf. …  Continue reading “Raspian & APT”

Fedora 24

This is quite different, in particular the System V init files don’t work any more and so I need to implement a systemd solution to mount the virtual box shared folders. I think these need to run after the vboxaddclient service. Some documentation suggests that LSB compliant scripts will work. I am about to stop and give it a rest; I am definitely of the view that this was a problem not worth solving. Continue reading “Fedora 24”