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Ubuntu 22

Ubuntu 22

This seems a bit unstable, actually a bit unfair but they have changed how they deal with bursting swap, and firefox at least uses snap and so I may need some more tools. Here are my notes …

What I’ve found

On swap

This is a bit odd.

  2., I found this, extending swap on an ubuntu 22 system.
  3. And this on sizing swap! There it seems several rules, varying from 2Gb to same as RAM.

On Snap

  1., claims to do it l the time or at least four times/day, can I configure a refresh to be part of the boot sequence.

Image Editing

  1. from Linuxhint, I downloaded GIMP, I thought I knew how to use it, but it seems I don’t. Perhaps I should use imagemagick?

On Samba

  1. The client only uses SMB1? If so this is a bug in Ubuntu, can I configure my servers to use both versions of the protocol.

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  2. Dave
    Updated today, to document issues with Samba and the work round provided by imagemagick.

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