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Losing sight of my remote disks

Losing sight of my remote disks

I discovered that my two remote disks cannot be seen on my W10 laptop, nor my elementary OS laptop. I fixed this by rebooting the disks which are connected to the network via an RJ45/USB connector to a BT Home Hub. This should work better than that. Here are my notes. …

Given this is seen on two laptops, with two disks units, via two connector technologies, the problem ought to be the hub.


Although I found this on Microsoft’s community site. This post on the BT Community site, refers to a BT HH3 but points out that the log is visible.

I have posted a query on the BT Community Forum., no useful response, need to check out this BT Help page.

Best check it out next time it fails.

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  1. Dave
    I gave them a call today, a couple of minutes ago, and they turned off smart setup and changed the channels used. Let's see if that works.
  2. Dave
    I have used the installer to "reset the PC" which removes all Acer's crap and run a ccleaner driver update; wonder if that fixes it. Let's see

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