Not just for file sharing, but also supports printing and name services. I now make it part of my standard Linux builds within Virtual Box but it is a pain in the arse with Ubuntu, it never seems to work out of the box.


I installed it today, and getting it to connect to the host is a complete pain in the butt. The apt install works well, installs the missing products and enables the daemons.

My article “Back to Ubuntu” dated Jun 2021 documents two fixes required to half make it work. I said, I had problems with samba, as it seems I still need smb version 1. Oracle VBox forums strongly suggest avoiding SMB1. The smb.conf file requires the following lines,

client min protocol = NT1
name resolve order = bcast host

But these didn’t work in 2023. putty works, cmd sftp works but the windows file browser and filezilla do not.

Some useful links,

and in 2023


And now I need it on my little pi. Check this out!

I can now mount the NAS drive on the PI, but I need to mount it on a partition, check out clonezilla.

I am having problems mounting the Pi’s shares on my real U22 machine using the smb protocol. 6/12/2022, I found these,

  1. this mentions smbtree which I installed on the client
  3. Install-and-configure-samba, 3. Setting-up-samba talks of ufw, which is not on the pi, but iptables is? so, here’s a page on the samba/iptables runes.
  4., a thread on firewalls on the pi

Using a credentials file

Here’s a link on credentials files,


And here’s a LMGTFY on “Linux Samba”

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