Not just for file sharing, but also supports printing and name services. I now make it part of my standard Linux builds within Virtual Box. I can then use VB shared folders or the host OS virtual file systems. (Is this true for Mac OS? Need to test it).


Some useful links,


And now I need it on my little pi. Check this out!

I can now mount the NAS drive on the PI, but I need to mount it on a partition, check out clonezilla.

I am having problems mounting the Pi’s shares on my real U22 machine using the smb protocol. 6/12/2022, I found these,

  1. this mentions smbtree which I installed on the client
  3. Install-and-configure-samba, 3. Setting-up-samba talks of ufw, which is not on the pi, but iptables is? so, here’s a page on the samba/iptables runes.
  4., a thread on firewalls on the pi

Using a credentials file

Here’s a link on credentials files,


And here’s a LMGTFY on “Linux Samba”

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