I decided to make an install of Snipsnap on my favourite Linux. I am using Ubuntu 9.0. This snip talks about how to, and configuring the rc.d files. It must be pretty useless now, and I have marked it deprecated and is another page that points at my mirror and thus needs to acknowledge that the source is now on github,  https://github.com/thinkberg/snipsnap

  1. Download the tar from http://snipsnap.org/space/snipsnap-download1.
  2. Make a user, with a home directory,
  3. Unpack the tar contents into the home directory
  4. Install Java 5 both JRE and JDK, use synaptic, now you have to go to the Oracle old distros page
  5. Get and unpack my utilities into $HOME/bin, this needs to be uploaded here
  6. Create a ./mkenv script that sets JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun <- Ubuntu specific, I think snipsnap needs Java 1.5, I should test 6 on Ubuntu again but I have failed this test once

The login script is currently set to /bin/false. Lets see if we can build a snipsnap instance, I need to

  1. Run run.sh
  2. Fix the apache conf file to redirect the port.
  3. Test the utilities, I know that snipsnapmgr.sh will need some tarting about.

I had to change the login shell from /bin/false, couldn’t get programs to run as the snipsnap admin user. I should have another look at this. Need to version control snipsnap manager.

Installing the rc files

I have an rc script, but most stuff I insert has post install triggers, and since I am not using a package to do this, I need to work out how to install the scripts into the rc directories. I have not done this for Ubuntu before. The following links are/maybe useful

  • A thread at ubuntu forums called Add Service to Startup. This thread references update-rc.d. This link is at the Ubuntu man pages site site, which as a firefox add-able search engine.
  • There is another interface to the Ubuntu SysV rc interface, called sysv-rc-conf. This is the Ubuntu manpages page.
  • This is an article on managing services from http://www.cyberciti.biz
  • The Bootup Manager aka BUM is documented at the bum docs site, and the ubuntu man bum page which is one way to get a GUI to help.

The program update-rc.d does the job.



I created a mirror for my critical snipsnap files now here…


I decided to upload the current copy of my utilities for managing snipsnap; it should make bring it online easier, these are now on github.

  1. https://github.com/dfl1955/snipsnaptools

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  1. I deleted a series of page version control statements which are over eight years old and no longer relevant.

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