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Snipsnap & Ubuntu

Snipsnap & Ubuntu

I decided to make an install of Snipsnap on my favourite Linux. I am using Ubuntu 9.0. This snip talks about how to, and configuring the rc.d files. It must be pretty useless now, and I have marked it deprecated and is another page that points at my mirror and thus needs to acknowledge that the source is now on github,

  1. Download the tar from
  2. Make a user, with a home directory,
  3. Unpack the tar contents into the home directory
  4. Install Java 5 both JRE and JDK, use synaptic, now you have to go to the Oracle old distros page
  5. Get and unpack my utilities into $HOME/bin, this needs to be uploaded here
  6. Create a ./mkenv script that sets JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun <- Ubuntu specific, I think snipsnap needs Java 1.5, I should test 6 on Ubuntu again but I have failed this test once

The login script is currently set to /bin/false. Lets see if we can build a snipsnap instance, I need to

  1. Run
  2. Fix the apache conf file to redirect the port.
  3. Test the utilities, I know that will need some tarting about.

I had to change the login shell from /bin/false, couldn’t get programs to run as the snipsnap admin user. I should have another look at this. Need to version control snipsnap manager.

Installing the rc files

I have an rc script, but most stuff I insert has post install triggers, and since I am not using a package to do this, I need to work out how to install the scripts into the rc directories. I have not done this for Ubuntu before. The following links are/maybe useful

  • A thread at ubuntu forums called Add Service to Startup. This thread references update-rc.d. This link is at the Ubuntu man pages site site, which as a firefox add-able search engine.
  • There is another interface to the Ubuntu SysV rc interface, called sysv-rc-conf. This is the Ubuntu manpages page.
  • This is an article on managing services from
  • The Bootup Manager aka BUM is documented at the bum docs site, and the ubuntu man bum page which is one way to get a GUI to help.

The program update-rc.d does the job.



I created a mirror for my critical snipsnap files now here…


I decided to upload the current copy of my utilities for managing snipsnap; it should make bring it online easier, these are now on github.


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  1. ReplyAuthorDave
    Ubuntu 9.0 :LOL:
  2. ReplyAuthorDave
    The Ubuntu forums were hacked earlier this week, and are currently unavailable. 26 July 2013
  3. ReplyAuthorDave
    I copied part of my static snipsnap mirror to this page, when I created it from the original on the snipsnap bliki in July 2013, 26 July 2013. I amended references to the mirror and my repo to point at &
  4. ReplyAuthorDave
    I deleted a series of page version control statements which are over eight years old and no longer relevant.
  5. ReplyAuthorDave
    Of course, Ubuntu now uses systemd and so the rc.local comments and those about BUM are not so helpful.

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